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Ryan Gosling doesn't want to be in the Logan's Run remake anymore

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Although Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn had hoped to lead Ryan Gosling into bigger-budget tentpole waters, nuzzling the flighty Gosling into his long-developing remake of Logan's Run for Warner Bros., it seems that Gosling has now finally waddled astray, quacking off to smaller ponds. ["Gosling" means "a young goose"!—ed.] Variety's Justin Kroll reports that Gosling has left the sci-fi film he was attached to star in for Refn, which would have continued a relationship that has also so far produced the upcoming Only God Forgives and quotes like this one where Refn tells Gosling to call him anytime, if he just wants to talk about movies, or even just sit in blissful silence together and listen to the other breathe.


But now it seems that relationship may have expired—like a blinking Lifeclock that would look a lot better with modern-day CGI—either because Gosling looked at recent sci-fi remakes and decided he wanted no part of this, even with Refn's guiding hand, or because he wants to focus on his own upcoming directorial debut and putting Christina Hendricks in fetish gear. Refn is still attached to make this new, government-approved younger model of Logan's Run for now, of course, though we'd be surprised if he weren't having second thoughts, interspersed with his usual mental pictures of Ryan Gosling floating in a neon pink heart. [via The Playlist]

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