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Illustration for article titled Ryan Gosling and Nicolas Winding Refn headed to emLogans Run/em remake

Ever since the original film version of Logan’s Run turned 30 in 2006, its days have been numbered, with various Sandmen from Bryan Singer to Joseph Kosinski to, most recently, Carl Erik Rinsch attached to obliterate the old to make room for the new generation. Today Deadline reports that Warner Bros. is finally moving forward on firing up that Remake Carrousel, signing Ryan Gosling to star and teaming him with Nicolas Winding Refn, who just directed Gosling in the upcoming thriller Drive. Gosling’s casting means the film will echo the film in setting the age for mandatory death at 30—as opposed to the novel’s 21—to better match Gosling’s own, provided Gosling doesn’t pull another Lovely Bones and show up bearing a giant beard and 50 extra pounds as some sort of creative choice. The script is being handled by occasional Danny Boyle collaborator Alex Garland—who just mined similar dystopic-love territory in Never Let Me Go—and production is expected to begin in the fall.


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