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Ryan Adams throws another temper tantrum

You'd think Minneapolis would have had enough of Ryan Adams after his notoriously bad First Avenue performance in 2003, a drunken, rambling show where he played several songs twice, (according to rumors) excused himself from the stage to puke, and lambasted both the sound system and local hero Paul Westerberg. Yet either because they forgot or were hoping to witness another trainwreck, they came out in droves to last night's sold-out show at the State Theatre, and were rewarded with yet another Minneapolis "meltdown" where Adams once again complained about the sound all night—constantly moving his monitor, microphones, and guitar pedals—then after 70 minutes announced his last song and left without returning for an encore, prompting many to boo him. Out of all the post-show hoopla comes this totally awesome quote from guitarist Neal Casal:

"I don't know what the story was," guitarist Neal Casal told the Star Tribune afterward. "I just play guitar."


Useless factoid I learned while "researching" this Newswire post (and filling in for Jason Heller's shift): Neal Casal plays guitar.