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Relationships fail for millions of different and valid reasons that are entirely unknowable to anyone but the couple themselves. Trying to explain what those reasons are, exactly, is difficult. How do you describe why the spark began to fade or which seemingly minor argument was suddenly a bridge too far? Well, if you’re Ryan Adams, you just sort of ignore these kind of subtleties and say your marriage ended because of the Melvins and, uh, Blade Runner.

Adams’ tweet was prompted by an interview with Glamour in which Mandy Moore, star of This Is Us and Adams’ ex-wife, mentioned their marriage by saying that it was “not the smartest decision,” that she “didn’t choose the right person” and that it was “a very unhealthy situation.” While Moore kept to pretty general points, Adams responded to a tweet mentioning the interview by giving a more definite reason for their divorce:


Ryan Adams, who is 43, really cuts to the quick, exposing Moore as someone who probably prefers mainstream sellout shit like Nirvana and The Terminator, and exposing himself as someone with some sort of memory problems.

Nobody wins in this scenario—unless, we guess, you count Devon Sawa, who seemed especially moved by Adams’ tweet.


Love blooms eternal.

Update 10/12: He has apologized.


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