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Ryan Adams is working on his own comic book

As further evidence that Ryan Adams is very, very slowly working his way through hobbies he missed out on as a high school sophomore, the singer-songwriter will follow 2010’s science-fiction-themed heavy metal concept album with a new one that ties into a comic book he’s also writing and drawing. Adams, currently touring on his latest, self-titled album, revealed the news on Marvel’s This Week In Marvel podcast, saying he’s roughly “halfway to three-quarters of the way done” with the comics he’s been working on during his downtime.

As the books near completion, Adams said he intends to make soundtracks for them with his new backing band, The Shining, or he may just let keyboardist Daniel Clarke take the lead on writing the music. He also said he hopes to do the coloring using old-fashioned screenprinting, “like an ’80s comic book where you could tell it was going through a press and you could see the small dots.”


Adams has been sharing his illustrating progress on Twitter for weeks, though this seems to be the first time he’s confirmed that the comics are intended for public consumption, and that they won’t just be tossed in a box labeled “RYAN’S STUFF DON’T TOUCH” in his mom’s attic, alongside his AP History notes and a VHS of Con Air.

[via Stereogum]

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