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After making a career out of being confused with Canadian pop singer-songwriter Bryan Adams, American alt-country singer-songwriter Ryan Adams has finally broken down and decided to just embrace it: Ryan Adams covered Bryan Adams at a concert earlier in the week.

Ryan Adams—whose Wikipedia entry opens with the words “Not to be confused with Bryan Adams”—has been dogged by comparisons throughout his career. He appears to have a love-hate relationship with the Canadian pop star, saying at various points that “he is not a serious artist,” but that “Bryan Adams was a totally huge part of everything that I am musically.” He’s also said he had to go into therapy to deal with his anger at fans, who would turn up to Ryan Adams’ concerts and shout out requests for Bryan Adams’ hit “Summer of ’69.” He infamously stopped a Nashville show to kick out one such fan, refusing to play another note until he left.

But now that Ryan Adams seems to be embracing the joke, we’re not sure how far this will go. The two singers dressing alike, touring together, forming tribute bands to each other? In the meantime, here’s Ryan—not Bryan—Adams performing “Run To You,” a 1984 hit by Bryan—not Ryan—Adams.

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