The Affair

The Wrap reports that Ruth Wilson is set to star in the upcoming supernatural thriller I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives In The House. Osgood Perkins wrote and will direct the feature, which also stars Lucy Boynton and Oscar-nominated actor Bob Balaban. The movie will reportedly follow Lily (Wilson), a nurse tasked with caring for an elderly woman named Helen Bloom. Helen spent her life writing best-selling ghost stories, but in her old age decides to settle down in her country home. That country home, naturally, has some supernatural issues of its own, and the ghost stories from Helen’s pages start bleeding into real life. Is the title a line spoken by the ghost who lives in the house? We certainly hope so. This ghost has an ego!

Perkins previously worked with Boynton in his directorial debut, February, which co-starred Emma Roberts and Kiernan Shipka. The film, another supernatural thriller, screened at Fantastic Fest in September, where The A.V. Club’s own Katie Rife said Perkins’ “talent for creating mood—enhanced by the skittish, discordant soundtrack, clever structure, and skillfully affected performances—is what lifts the film above its familiar genre trappings.”


Wilson, who won a Golden Globe last year for her work on Showtime’s The Affair, is also set to star opposite Sam Worthington in the science-fiction love story (romscifi?), The Titan. Production for I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives In The House begins on February 16 in Ottawa.