According to Deadline, former renegade android Rutger Hauer has joined Galavant, ABC’s musical fairytale comedy. Hauer will play the “older, bigger, and more badass brother” of Timothy Omundson’s evil King Richard. The series was created by Dan Fogelman, the guy behind The Neighbors, and it stars Joshua Sasse as a heroic knight taking on the aforementioned evil king after he evilly steals the hero’s girlfriend. Also, John Stamos will play “a goateed knight,” Hugh Bonneville will play a pirate, “Weird Al” will be a “singing monk”—which seems like an unnecessary description for a character in a musical—and, of course, Ricky Gervais will play a wizard named Xanax. Can’t forget that one!

Deadline notes that Hauer’s casting is a nod to a deep cut from the Hauer catalog called Floris, a Dutch series from 1969 about a heroic knight fighting against some jerks who wronged him. Paul Verhoeven created it, so it probably had loads of biting commentary about the ‘80s. We can’t imagine Galavant will be too similar to the classic drama of Floris episodes like “De Byzantijnse beker: Het Tournooi” or “Het Gestolen Kasteel,” but at least it’ll be fun to see Hauer singing about castles and love and whatever other things might pop up in a musical fairytale show.