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Rutger Hauer to play a Rutger Hauer-type guy on True Blood

Walking anti-tourism campaign for the Netherlands Rutger Hauer will lend his naturally unsettling presence to the sixth season of True Blood, according to TV Line. Hauer will play a local baker whose cornbread surprises and delights all who taste it at Merlotte's, causing them to exclaim, "Goodness, who made this delicious cornbread?" and Rutger Hauer to smirk and mutter humbly, "It was me." Just kidding: He's playing "Macklyn, a mysterious and sinister figure with deep ties to Sookie and Jason" which all but says he either is or at least knows that "Warlow" guy they kept talking about last season, and that he'll be the one to help them explore those terrifying moments from their past. Moments that will be lost in time, like tears in between scenes of vampires doing it.


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