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Rust Cohle’s True Detective truck is for sale, so you can drive in flat circles

True Detective

Matthew McConaughey’s Rust Cohle from the first season of HBO’s True Detective would almost certainly never recommend that someone try to emulate his lifestyle, but if you’re really determined to base your whole aesthetic off of that ponytailed philosophizer, an organization called Charitybuzz has the perfect thing for you. As reported by IndieWire, Charitybuzz is auctioning off the actual pickup truck that Rust Cohle drove in the show, with the current bid at $11,500 and the estimated value at $15,000.

The truck is an otherwise uninteresting 1997 Ford F250HD XL, with 153,345 miles on it and a manual transmission. Winners can pick up the truck in Austin, Texas, or Charitybuzz will pay for $800 of delivery costs. Proceeds from selling the truck will go to McConaughey’s Just Keep Livin Foundation, which helps fund after-school programs for kids. The auction ends on Thursday, April 20.


Of course, anyone who buys this in hopes of solving a vaguely supernatural murder mystery in Louisiana will also need a Woody Harrelson type to bounce their musings off of, since some of that existential bullshit would just be extremely annoying without someone to roll their eyes at it. The listing doesn’t say where you might be able to find a Woody Harrelson type to ride around Louisiana with, but the real Woody Harrelson could probably be convinced, now that he’s given up one of his favorite hobbies.

(Photo: Charitybuzz)

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