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Russian opposition activist fined for posting Last Week Tonight clip

Last Week Tonight

John Oliver loves to antagonize people like Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin on his HBO news show Last Week Tonight, but a man in Russia recently got in trouble with the government for posting a clip from the show on social media, and it supposedly had nothing to do with Oliver saying something about Putin. According to the Associated Press, a Russian opposition activist named Semyon Kochkin was fined 1,500 rubles—which is about $27—for posting a clip from Last Week Tonight that included a shot of the ISIS flag. The Associated Press says it’s illegal to “display symbols of terrorist organizations” in Russia, but even though Kochkin didn’t create the clip or the flag, he still broke the law by posting the clip.

Of course, that’s just the official story. As the Associated Press also notes, rights groups have documented a recent uptick in the number of people being convicted of crimes for things they’ve posted on social media, with one specific group releasing a statement that it was “unlawful” to prosecute Kochkin for what he did.


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