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Russian director wants to ban popcorn from his movies

(Photo: Noam Galai/Getty Images)

Director Andrei Konchalovsky—whose past works include House Of Fools, Gloss, and, in a brief, bizarre turn into the world of brainless ’80s action blockbusters, Tango & Cash—has spoken out against a cornerstone of the communcal movie-going experience: eating popcorn. “My films are not for those who eat popcorn,” Konchalovsky told Russian news agency TASS, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “I’ll try to make sure that popcorn is not sold at screenings of my films.”

Konchalovsky‘s latest movie, Paradise, was recently submitted as a Russian entry for Best Foreign Language Film at the upcoming Oscars, and has since been shortlisted for the award. The director denied himself a similar honor two years ago, when he refused to theatrically release The Postman’s White Nights, presumably because he was worried audiences would get butter on it. It’s not clear how serious the director was about his popcorn ban—he’s been decrying the fluffy white stuff for literally years, as a symbol of the Hollywood blockbuster system—or how far he’ll go to pry it out of the cold, greasy hands of the foreign language fans who flock to his movie if it ultimately gets an Oscar nod.


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