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Russell Crowe’s directorial debut is coming to America

Nearly a year after it began shooting in Australia, Russell Crowe’s directorial debut is coming to America. Deadline reports that Warner Bros. has picked up The Water Diviner for limited release on April 24, 2015. Brett Ratner, whose RatPac Entertainment helped finance the project, broke the news while speaking at an American Film Market panel.

Set during World War I, The Water Diviner stars Crowe as an Australian farmer whose three sons disappear during the battle of Gallipoli. The farmer eventually travels to Turkey to discover their fates. Crowe has experience playing a farmer who lost family in wartime—though nothing about this film suggests he’ll need to call on his experience fighting with a sword and cuirass. (At least, nothing yet.)


A recently released trailer suggests a complicated journey towards painful truths, but also the possibility of hope. It also suggests that WWI-era soldiers sported some seriously Movember-quality mustaches.

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