In much the same way that both Get Him To The Greek and the upcoming Arthur remake utilize Russell Brand’s perennially soused, probably unhygienic persona, Brand’s fashionably dead-for-a-few-days appearance will be put to good use in Rentaghost, described ambitiously as a “Beetlejuice-like” comedy set in the afterlife. Based on the British children’s TV show that ran throughout the late ’70s/early ’80s, Rentaghost will star Brand as a recently deceased “slacker” who’s determined to make the most of his afterlife by setting up a temp agency that hires out ghosts for various purposes. So how many times a day do you think Russell Brand hears some variation on this pitch from his agent: “Russell, you play a good-for-nothing, lowlife piece of shit who [fill in premise] and then he learns to be a slightly better person”?