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Rush to release huge R40 box set that you absolutely need

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2014 marks 40 rocking years since Rush’s self-titled debut album was released in 1974. In celebration, the band will release R40, a 40th Anniversary collectors’ box set that somehow manages to be more epic than a Neil Peart drum solo. Available on November 11, the 10 DVD (six Blu-Ray) discs are packaged in a 52-page hardback book, filled with memorabilia and photographs documenting the band. Here’s what the discs include:

  • Rush In Rio
  • R30
  • Snakes & Arrows Live
  • Time Machine 2011: Live In Cleveland
  • Clockwork Angels Tour
  • Live footage spanning all four decades of Rush’s career
  • Three unreleased tracks from 1974
  • Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction footage
  • A bonus disc to rival all bonus discs, which includes all eight songs from the Laura Secord Secondary School show in 1974 with original drummer John Rutsey. That recording includes two Rush originals: “I’ve Been Runnin” and “The Loser”, as well as their cover of Larry Williams’ “Bad Boy.” The bonus disc also features five songs from a show at the Capitol Theatre in 1976, a rarely-performed full seven-part version of 2112 filmed in 1997, and “Lock and Key” from the Hold Your Fire tour.

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