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Rush Limbaugh is a weird and ridiculous person with weird and ridiculous opinions, so it shouldn’t be particularly surprising that he has a weird and ridiculous take on Game Of Thrones, but his take is probably much weirder and more ridiculous that you’d expect. See, Rush Limbaugh actually likes to watch Game Of Thrones, but there’s something he likes even more: Game Of Thrones recaps written by millennials.

In a post on his website, Limbaugh explains that he purposefully seeks out reviews of Game Of Thrones episodes that he knows are written by millennials, but it’s not because he’s interested in reading someone’s thoughts on the show, it’s because he’s under the impression that people recapping Game Of Thrones think it’s real. “They write not just about this show,” he says, “they write about these shows as though they’re real. As though the characters are real. As though the events are real.” Limbaugh is convinced that everyone recapping Game Of Thrones (either for newbies or experts) is unable to distinguish the show from reality, suggesting that they’re so deluded that they think they’re transcribing true historical events that they just happen to be witnessing through a TV screen.


Naturally, the man with the radio show thinks this all because of those evil screens, citing something that “was published on Friday” about how young people are so obsessed with the internet and “an iPod Touch” that “they have withdrawn from society.” He also notes that these millennials spend too much time at home, “but not with their parents.” Basically, the gist of his ramble is that millennials are on their phones a lot, millennials recap Game Of Thrones, millennials watch Game Of Thrones on their phones, and so therefore they must be unable to tell the difference between real life and Game Of Thrones (because it’s all on their phones).

It’s almost a complete idea, but rather than try and form a cogent argument about how millennials are bad and ruining the world, he simply took an opportunity to criticize them for watching Game Of Thrones and recapping the show—two things he admits to enjoying in the post. Perhaps the real message here is that Rush Limbaugh has secretly been a millennial the whole time? It would explain a lot.

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