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Rush Hour producer Arthur Sarkissian is making a movie about elderly jewel thieves

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One of the hardest things about getting old, other than all of your friends dying and the lack of good Hollywood roles, is the way that people assume you can’t really do anything. You may have been a legendary jewel thief in your salad days, but if you’ve got some gray hairs and you announce that you’re going to steal some jewels, everyone laughs at you. Age is only a number, though, and there’s nothing that says an elderly person can’t steal priceless jewels just as well as a young person. That’s why the story of London’s “Hatton Garden Heist” is so inspiring. It was apparently the biggest burglary in England’s history, and it was all masterminded by four older gentlemen aged 58-76. Take that, whippersnappers!

Rush Hour producer Arthur Sarkissian has now picked up the rights to the story of the Hatton Garden Heist, and he’s currently trying to learn more about how these old dudes pulled off this robbery and what it took for Scotland Yard to actually track them down. Supposedly, the men met every Friday night in a bar for three years to plan the job, and then spent four days actually breaking into the vault of the Hatton Garden Safe Deposit. One guy even used his senior citizen bus pass to get to the location of the heist, and another had a copy of Forensics For Dummies in his apartment.


The story is obviously great for a movie, but the real question is which actors should play this team of elderly Danny Oceans. This is a perfect project for people of a certain age and could be a real showcase for some talent that doesn’t get recognized in the movie industry often enough, so we’re thinking it should star some older guys like Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law, Gerard Butler, or Zac Efron. Just because they’re a little wrinkly doesn’t mean they don’t deserve our respect!

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