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You can't stop him, he's Rupert Grint. (Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows)

Rupert Grint is making his second try at comic book-based TV stardom, with the Harry Potter star and recovering Weasley attaching himself to a new project that was just given a pilot commitment by NBC. Grint will star in an untitled drama about a comics-obsessed drone who discovers that the world of his favorite book is actually real, and then he gets to visit it, and he gets to be magical and special, and THIS IS JUST HARRY POTTER AGAIN, GRINT, WE’RE ON TO YOU, YOU CHERRYBOMB-STARRING SON OF A BITCH.

Whoa, okay, sorry. That one got away from us for a second. Anyway, this is Grint’s second stab at U.S. TV stardom; he previously appeared in Super Clyde for CBS, a story about a comics-loving young man who stumbles into millions of dollars and does his best to use it to help people out with it, unlike, say, Rupert Grint, THE SELFISH, ED SHEERAN-COLLABORATING BAST—


Okay, okay. Deep breathing. Peaceful thoughts. Let’s just get through this.

The new series comes from Ugly Betty creator Silvio Horta and Life In Pieces producer Aaron Kaplan, and it’ll also feature Grint’s character learning this his father wasn’t exactly the man he thought he was, JUST LIKE HARRY POTTER DID, OKAY, THAT’S IT, SCREW THIS GUY, WE’RE OUT

[via Deadline]

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