Despite the fact that he could easily spend the rest of his life driving around the English countryside in his ice-cream truck, giving away ice-cream sandwiches stuffed with money, Harry Potter’s Rupert Grint will instead star in the CBS pilot Super Clyde, where he’ll more or less do that in a fictional way. The single-camera comedy hails from My Name Is Earl’s Greg Garcia and concerns another working-class schmuck transformed by a sudden windfall: Grint plays Clyde, a comic book-loving fast-food worker who suffers from anxiety and agoraphobia, yet he nevertheless decides to use a $100,000-a-month inheritance from his late uncle to become a sort-of-superhero. “Sort-of,” in the sense that Clyde’s “superpower” is really just his endless, Harry Potter-royalty-like reserves of cash, which he uses to “reward the goodhearted”—but then, Super Rich Yet Also Really Generous Clyde isn’t quite as catchy. Anyway, those familiar with the movies Kick-Ass or Super already know that things never end well for amateur superheroes. But maybe it’s different when you’re just going around giving out money.