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RuPaul's talk show is not moving forward

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Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer (Getty Images for Vanity Fair)

Over the summer, some Fox stations around the country served as test markets for RuPaul, a daytime talk show hosted by—get this—RuPaul. Unfortunately, if you think that sounds like a fun thing to watch, we have some bad news: Variety says the show will not be moving forward, so its three-week run a few months ago will be all we see of RuPaul (assuming anyone saw it). Variety says that Fox has been using the summer months to “test various series concepts” in its various TV markets, and when the RuPaul show was announced, Fox Television Stations’ vice president of programming said that RuPaul was an example of the “freedom” to “try something really different” that comes from doing a limited series, so it sounds like this short lifespan was at least partially baked in from the start. Still, if RuPaul had been a huge success, Fox and production companies World Of Wonder and Telepictures would’ve certainly found a way to keep it going. Either way, RuPaul will still be on TV, with Drag Race and All Stars still going strong here in the states and a British version of the show recently getting a second season.


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