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RuPaul’s Drag Race is getting some YouTube spin-offs

Detox (Photo: Katja Ogrin/Getty Images)

World Of Wonder productions is attempting to spread its RuPaul empire out into the online world: Variety reports that the studio is planning to spin two Drag Race stars—fifth season contestants Alyssa Edwards and Detox—into their own YouTube-exclusive shows. The first, Haus Of Edwards, would follow the Texas-based queen in their day-to-day life, operating a dance studio with assistance from “drag daughter” Laganja Estranja. The second, Detox’s Life Rehab, would see the fourth-place Drag Race finisher offering up life hacks, in the hope of making viewer’s life less of a (insert obvious joke here).

WOW acquired the series with an eye to the digital market last year. RuPaul’s Drag Race already has at least one regular YouTube series supporting it, with the behind-the-scenes companion show Untucked airing online alongside the regular series on Logo.


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