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It’s that time yet again, folks: The regular update from the bookers of Saturday Night Live, revealing which guest hosts we’ll be rooting for or against in the coming weeks, as well as which musical guests we’ll be planning our Saturday night bathroom visits around. This time, we’ve got two names for the first half of February (and two more in terms of music, but you know what we meant): Extremely large Houston Texans player J.J. Watt (accompanied by Luke Combs) on February 1, and RuPaul (with Justin Bieber in tow) on February 8.


RuPaul is exciting, obviously, but he’s also a trained performer who’s likely to fit in perfectly well on a weekly high-stakes sketch show. We’re far more fascinated by Watt, who joins a shockingly long line of sports stars strutting their alleged comedy chops in the world of live comedy, from baseball’s Billy Martin way back in 1986, to multiple appearances by Charles Barkley, to the surprisingly great turn Peyton Manning gave in 2007. For what it’s worth, Watt seems to know how to have fun on camera—while also reminding you of all the great benefits of Yahoo fantasy football and Greek yogurt, natch—as long as nobody leaves any hamburgers around the set to distract him from his work.

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