Stephen Colbert must have been very impressed with Run The Jewels’ performance of its song “Angel Duster” on his show the other night, because just yesterday he took to Twitter to announce that he had signed the imitable duo of Killer Mike and El-P to a multi-album deal. He also posted a video of them rapping away on remixed tracks featuring a wide array of interesting noises.

No doubt looking to capitalize on RTJ’s long-in-the-works remix record Meow The Jewels—the duo happened to reveal the feline overdubbed version of “Oh My Darling Don’t Cry,” “Oh My Darling Don’t Meow,” produced by Just Blaze yesterday—the Jewel Runners lead off the Colbert-backed clip as Squawk The Jewels before kicking into Couple Arguing Outside A Party The Jewels and culminating with Fire At The Old Henderson Place The Jewels.


Future promised releases include:

  • Bubble Wrap The Jewels
  • Mambo The Jewels
  • Wilhelm Scream The Jewels
  • Malfunctioning Pinball Machine The Jewels
  • Nixon Tapes The Jewels
  • Leaving A Drunk Message On Your Ex-Girlfriend’s Voicemail The Jewels
  • Windows 95 Startup The Jewels
  • Tree Falling In The Woods The Jewels
  • Seagal The Jewels
  • The Apartment Sounds So Empty Without Her The Jewels
  • The Entire Soundtrack To Saturday Night Fever Without Modification The Jewels
  • Jewel (The Singer) The Jewels
  • Racist Uncle The Jewels
  • Squawk The Jewels 2

And for all of those just wanting Mike and El to get down to business and work on their actual, real follow-up to their sophomore record, fret not, because they promise it should arrive sometime around 2029. “We’ll get to it once we finish up with all of this other shit,” El-P promised.