For its upcoming third album Run Forever underwent some changes. One was changing its name—albeit slightly—so that it no longer had a comma cutting down the middle of its moniker; the other was making the move to No Sleep Records. On October 9 the label will release the band’s self-titled record, which sees Run Forever letting its newly altered name allow for some big musical strides as well. The A.V. Club is premiering “Separate Bedrooms” below, a heartbreaking track that vocalist Anthony Heubel explains was culled from his very own childhood.

I tried writing this a lot of different ways to avoid saying who it’s about, but it’s about my mom. She’ll probably cry if she ever reads this. It’s a song about the ups and downs of life and holding onto memories. It’s a sobering account of how we can sometimes find ourselves left in an unfair spot for no good reason, with such little time and energy left to turn things around. I am a product of that life, and “Separate Bedrooms” is an observation of how random and left to chance our outcomes or existences can feel.


Pre-orders for Run Forever can be had now through No Sleep Records.