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Ruin the magic of Marvel by watching Iron Man's climactic snap against a boring green screen

Screenshot: Avengers: Endgame

Movie magic’s one thing, but the MCU’s a whole other beast. That much is evident in the climactic battle of Avengers: Endgame, when the film gathers just about every single character, from The Hulk to Captain Marvel, for a massive, franchise-rattling battle. Hilariously, though, the actual filming was very mundane, with most scenes being filmed against a giant green screen. If you don’t want to ruin the sparkle of the franchise, thus ensuring you’re never the little kid broken by seeing the sweaty person beneath the rat mask at Chuck E. Cheeses, then leave right now. Otherwise, you can thank Robert Downey Jr.’s assistant for uploading the below clip, which shows what it was really like filming that last Iron Man moment.


Though it’s probably the most significant moment in the movie, Tony Stark’s ultimate sacrifice wasn’t a big production. It consisted of just Downey, Jr. in the top half of his Iron Man suit, kneeling as he utters his final (improvised!) “I am Iron Man” and snaps his fingers. The makeshift gauntlet he has on in the movie isn’t there during filming either; like most of the suit, it’s CGI. As is the background, the debris, and most of the other set you see in the film. It’s all an empty illusion! Still pretty cool, though.

[via IndieWire]

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