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Ruin everyone else's Halloween by showing up in an original Darth Vader costume or the car from Goldfinger

It’s never too early to start thinking about what you’ll be for Halloween next year, even though 2011’s reality TV stars, crazy political candidates, and Steven Slater-esque topical gags haven’t wormed their way into the public consciousness yet. You don’t want to go that route, anyway—it’s classier to stick with the classics, such as buying and wearing this original Darth Vader costume that’s being auctioned off by Christie’s on Nov. 25. For between $250,000 and $365,000, you can own the actual helmet, mask, and armor created for Vader in The Empire Strikes Back, then stroll into any party and make everyone in their sad little plastic things go, “Aww, daggg.” Except, perhaps, for the guy who rolls up in the actual Aston Martin driven by Sean Connery in Goldfinger, which goes on sale tonight (just in time for this weekend's festivities) at an estimated price of around $5.5 million. It comes equipped with rotating license plates, an ejector seat, machine guns, and the built-in guarantee that even the guy in the genuine Darth Vader costume will feel like a loser.


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