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Rugrats and Doug are now on Hulu, ‘90s kids never have to be big people again


This is the day all you ’90s kids have been waiting for—no, the banks haven’t forgiven your student loans, your friends from high school haven’t stopped posting baby pictures on Facebook, and Ecto Cooler is still no longer in stores. Today is actually the other day you’ve been waiting for, the day Rugrats and Doug—arguably the two greatest Nicktoons ever—begin streaming on Hulu. There isn’t much else to say about this, other than “go to Hulu and watch Doug and Rugrats,” so let’s talk about some highlights that newcomers should check out if they’re interested in getting into these classic shows.

Rugrats is about some babies that can talk to each other, and they don’t really understand the world around them, which sets up some funny situations where they imagine wild adventures that are based on a simple misunderstanding of some normal concepts. There’s one where Tommy and Chuckie picture what it would be like to be adults (or “big people”). That one’s pretty good. Or how about the one where they go to a public swimming pool, and for some reason they think it’s a giant toilet that needs to be flushed? That one’s good too. Basically, they’re all good until the show had Chuckie’s dad get married. The episodes after that are shit.


Doug, on the other hand, is just perfection. It’s about a normal kid who creates elaborate fantasies to escape from his occasionally dull and frustrating life. Sometimes he’s a superhero, sometimes he’s a legally distinct version of James Bond, and then sometimes he just does normal stuff like go to school, become dangerously obsessed with a video game, and record an amazing song about the girl he has a crush on. Why are you still here? Go watch Doug.

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