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Ruben Fleischer directing what sounds like a female-led Men In Black

(Photo: Getty Images/WireImage, Amanda Edwards)

According to Variety, Zombieland and Gangster Squad director Ruben Fleischer is developing a feature film based on Manuel Gonzales’ novel The Regional Office Is Under Attack. The book is about a “secret organization of young female operative” who work to protect the Earth from “a constant barrage of alien threats,” which makes it sound a lot like Men In Black but with young females instead of Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith. In a statement, Fleischer said the book is “so original and so funny” that it “clearly translates to a big, fun, commercial film,” which makes it sound like he’s hoping this project will skew more toward Zombieland than Gangster Squad. We don’t know much about the film beyond that, but hopefully it doesn’t get stuck on a shelf for a few years like that Zombieland sequel everybody’s been looking forward to since 2009.


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