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Roxy Music breaks up (again)

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British art-pop band Roxy Music decided to put an end to its 13-year reunion in 2011, but it’s just gotten around to letting everyone else know about it. The end of the band’s second act is probably not a huge surprise, considering it’s been inactive since the end of a 2011 tour of Australia and New Zealand. The reformed band played a handful of festival dates and toured only sporadically, and hasn’t released any new music since reforming in 2001.

Aside from a quasi-reunion on Bryan Ferry’s 2010 solo album Olympia—which featured appearances by Phil Manzanera, Brian Eno, Andy Mackay, and Paul Thompson—rumors of new Roxy Music recordings never panned out. And now Manzanera quietly broke the news of the band’s newest end by acknowledging, “I think our job is done. When we stopped touring in 2011, Andy and I looked at each other and said, ‘Our job is done here.’”

One part of the job that appears not to be done yet is the repackaging of the band’s discography: a career-spanning boxed set of the original studio albums, along with remixes and B-sides, was released in 2010, but Manzanera now also promises boxed set reissues of the band’s first two albums (1972’s Roxy Music and 1973’s For Your Pleasure) with bonus material, including “extra Eno ingredients and stuff.” Those ingredients may or may not include cat food.

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