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Rosemarie Dewitt becomes the first actress to ignore warnings about Poltergeist remake

Refusing to heed the many warnings scrawled in the blood of angry Internet comment boards, MGM is moving full steam ahead on its remake of Poltergeist, the scariest episode of Coach ever made. Deadline reports that the female lead has gone to Rosemarie Dewitt, who will assume the screaming, occasionally stoned mom role played by JoBeth Williams-PoltergeistPantiesScene in the original. Dewitt is most often seen in talky indie films like Rachel Getting Married and Your Sister’s Sister, suggesting that this new Poltergeist (from Monster House director Gil Kenan and Oz The Great Powerful screenwriter David Lindsay-Abaire) will concern a family contacted by malevolent spirits from beyond, who mostly just want to discuss in unsparing emotional detail where their lives went wrong.


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