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Roseanne’s up for a Roseanne reunion, which Norm Macdonald wants to write

Photo: ABC Photo Archive/Getty Images

Incomplete Roseanne reunions have happened throughout the years, mostly at Sara Gilbert’s behest. But after John Goodman recently dropped by The Talk to visit with his former TV daughter, the clamoring for a complete gathering of the cast began anew. And now, instead of another interview-style reunion, Roseanne Barr is getting our hopes up about her onscreen return to Lanford.


Barr’s tweet indicates her entire TV family is in for another episode or season or whatever, and as the matriarch, she probably speaks for everyone. But the news gets even better—Norm Macdonald wants to write the latest adventure of the Connor clan.

Macdonald’s idea is intriguing to us, and we wish to subscribe to his newsletter. Obviously, we need to get ABC on the line.

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