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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
Illustration for article titled Roseanne Barr to make you feel better about your own poverty again, this time for NBC

Joining ABC’s efforts to save us all with a time warp to the early ’90s, NBC has purchased Downwardly Mobile, a new multi-camera sitcom in which Roseanne Barr mines laughs out of blue-collar living, and then a wormhole opens up in which we all get to go back and try to do the dot-com boom right and rethink our real estate lending, and Bill Clinton keeps it in his pants. The show one-ups even Roseanne’s lower-class setting by taking place in a trailer park community, but other than that it should feel very familiar—especially with former Roseanne producer Eric Gilliland to shepherd the staff, which even includes one of Barr’s boyfriends (her longtime partner Johnny Argent), just like old times. And just like her first show helped so many other families cope/feel way better about themselves during the early-’90s recession, Downwardly Mobile will once again find Barr, her family, and friends dealing with the sort of “tough economic times” we live in, which have forced even the downtrodden macadamia nut farmer to look for work wherever they can find it, even if it’s on NBC.


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