During the 2012 presidential campaign, the mainstream media made a lot of noise about two candidates in particular: the one guy and the other guy. (We can’t be expected to remember everyone’s names). One presidential hopeful, however, didn’t get nearly as much coverage as they did, despite the fact that her bid for the White House was just as legitimate. We’re talking about Roseanne Barr, a Utah-born political activist with an “outlaw bullshit” platform. Now, she’ll finally get a chance to tell her story in a documentary from Eric Weinrib, a filmmaker who has worked on several Michael Moore movies.

This news comes via The Hollywood Reporter, which says that the documentary—dubbed Roseanne For President!—will follow Barr’s “gonzo campaign” from its beginning, through securing the nomination from the Peace And Freedom Party (surely a tough ticket to get on), and finally her respectable sixth-place finish in the general election. According to THR, the documentary will “illuminate how the system works by highlighting how it doesn’t.” Barr herself adds that she’s “thrilled” to see her “campaign for common sense” get the attention it didn’t get when everyone was too busy talking about a dancing horse.


In an interesting fun fact about life imitating art, Barr actually used to star in a sitcom called Roseanne, in which she played a woman named Roseanne who was also not the president. Weird, right?