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Roseanne Barr brought in to help The Office end with dignity

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Time is running short for The Office, and with it the opportunities to cram in famous guest stars as a means of distracting from wrapping up its core characters’ various lingering storylines. Though in the case of the just-cast Roseanne Barr, it seems like she’ll be actively participating in that resolution by playing Carla Fern, a talent agent who drops into the Dunder Mifflin universe to help Ed Helms’ Andy fulfill his dream of being in show business. Said dream is, apparently, Andy's next, probably final major arc, after transforming from a tightly wound rageaholic into an affably nerdy underdog you were supposed to sympathize with, then into a cruel and cocky asshole, before finally becoming a guy on a boat who hasn’t been seen nor barely mentioned for several months.

Anyway, this news not only confirms that Andy will be returning to continue that awkward character development, it also suggests the show could take a page from the British series and follow the release of The Office “documentary” and its effect on the subjects’ lives. Or it could just end with Roseanne writing in her diary, confessing she made up the last two seasons as a coping mechanism.

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