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Rosario Dawson will return to Daredevil, possibly appear on other Marvel shows

Considering that she was the character tasked with making sure Charlie Cox’s blind lawyer/vigilante Matt Murdock didn’t die while swinging on rooftops and battling ninjas, Rosario Dawson’s Claire Temple didn’t show up too often on Netflix’s Daredevil show. With ol’ Hornhead coming back for another season, though, Netflix has made sure that its future Marvel shows will have a lot more Rosario Dawson.

According to Deadline, Dawson has signed a “larger exclusive TV deal” that will allow her to appear in more episodes of Daredevil when it returns in 2016, as well as “any of” Netflix’s other upcoming Marvel shows. It sounds like Dawson’s performance and the response from fans are what convinced Netflix to make sure she came back, with Marvel’s Jeph Loeb referring to her as “a fan favorite” and saying that he and Marvel “knew instantly” that they’d have to bring her back. There’s a lesson in that for aspiring actors: Do a good job, make sure people on Twitter like you, and then the studio will make sure to keep giving you work on superhero shows.


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