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Rosario Dawson in talks for New Mutants, every other superhero project

(Photo: Getty Images/WireImage, Daniel Zuchnik)

Rosario Dawson has been quietly taking over the superhero genre for the last few years, playing a key role in all of Marvel’s Netflix shows (except the upcoming Punisher series), popping up as Batgirl in The Lego Batman Movie, and even playing Wonder Woman in DC’s animated movies. She was also in Sin City, which was based on a comic book even if it wasn’t about superheroes.

So, with DC and Marvel pretty well covered, Dawson has now set her sights on the X-Men universe, and according to Variety, she’s currently in talks to join director Josh Boone’s “full-fledged horror movie” New Mutants. Dawson would play Dr. Cecilia Reyes, a mentor for the young mutants who has the ability to “generate an invisible bio-field around herself.” Assuming she does get the job, she’ll be appearing alongside Maisie Williams as werewolf girl Wolfsbane and Anya Taylor-Joy as teleporting sword fighter Magik.


Now Dawson just has to secure a role in the Spider-Man universe and she’ll be all set.

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