Fox’s The Last Man On Earth has been slowly giving out hints about what Phil Miller and his survivor friends were like before that virus wiped out the rest of humanity, like the first season’s last-second reveal that Phil has a brother. Now, it sounds like the show will be dropping that subtlety in favor of an actual flashback. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Room’s Jacob Tremblay will be playing a younger version of Will Forte’s Phil Miller on an upcoming episode of Last Man On Earth, so unless the show introduces time travel, a flashback does seem like the most obvious way to explain how that’s going to to work. Aside from acting in Room, Tremblay is also known for recently melting the world’s heart by giving an adorable speech at the Critics’ Choice Awards in which he declared that he’ll be putting his trophy on a shelf next to his Millennium Falcon.

New episodes of Last Man On Earth will return to Fox in the spring.