Variety reports that Universal Pictures has bought a pitch, Do Nothing Bitches, starring Tina Fey and UFC fighter Ronda Rousey. Written by Paula Pell, Do Nothing Bitches follows a group of wealthy wives who have their lives turned upside down by a no-nonsense camp instructor played by Rousey. Pell, who previously wrote on Saturday Night Live and for 30 Rock, also penned the Universal comedy Sisters, starring Fey and Amy Poehler. Fey, who also stars alongside Margot Robbie in the upcoming Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, will produce Do Nothing Bitches with Pell.

Rousey, meanwhile, has been busy building her acting career alongside her outstanding fighting career. She started with small, scene-stealing appearances in Entourage, The Expendables 3, and Furious 7, but is now set to star in a few new upcoming releases, including the upcoming action thriller Mile 22, MGM’s Road House remake, and The Athena Project, which is still in development. She’s also set to star in her own biopic as herself. While her small part in the Entourage movie (where she also plays herself) was definitely a comedic performance, Do Nothing Bitches marks her first major comedy role. With any luck, the pairing of Fey and Rousey will yield the same pleasant comedic surprise as the chemistry between Fey and professional wrestler John Cena in Sisters.