Photo: Frederick M. Brown (Getty Images)

Ron Perlman is as aggressive on Twitter as he is onscreen, relentlessly critiquing the Trump administration in between offhand anecdotes, fan responses, and laments over the Hellboy 3 that never was. It can be a bit exhausting sometimes, but sifting through all those retweets was worth it for a story that emerged Monday afternoon, one that involves piss, Harvey Weinstein, and Perlman’s big, beefy hands. It’s impressive that he also managed to fit in a little dig at our president’s penchant for fast food at the end.

Weinstein, who was just arrested and formally charged with rape after the mogul was outed as a predator of the first degree late last year, has recently seen a number of his former collaborators reveal just how much they hated him, but Perlman’s takes the cake, if only for the self-own at the center of his tale. Nobody wants to admit they pissed on themselves, not unless they got stung by a jellyfish or something.

But, hey, it’s not like Weinstein didn’t deserve it. And he got off a lot easier than he could’ve with Perlman, who tweeted about his longtime desire to knock the producer’s lights out back when the scandal was first unfolding.

“Man, if I had an Oscar for every time I almost hit Harvey Weinstein!!” he wrote in November, reacting to a story from James Cameron about almost hitting Weinstein with his Titanic Oscar.


The lesson here, we suppose, is that piss is always preferable to violence. Maybe Brian DePalma can work that into his Harvey Weinstein horror movie?