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According to Deadline, Ron Perlman and Christopher Plummer have joined the cast of Howard Lovecraft And The Frozen Kingdom, Shout! Factory’s animated adaptation of the graphic novel of the same name by Bruce Brown and Renzo Podesta. The book is a YA-friendly tale about a young H.P. Lovecraft going on a fantastical/frightening adventure, and it blends real aspects of the iconic horror author’s youth with nods to some of the existentially terrifying monsters of his famous stories. Perlman will be playing Shoggoth, and Plummer will be providing the voice of Dr. Herbert West. Deadline says “the intent of the project is to introduce another generation” to Lovecraft’s work, so hopefully no kids out there will go mad with fear when they realize that tentacle-faced creatures are watching us from just beyond the limits of our perception.

At this point, we feel obligated to point out that the real H.P. Lovecraft wasn’t just a great writer, he was also an unrepentant racist who hated and feared pretty much everybody. Howard Lovecraft probably won’t get into anything like that, but this does raise an important question about when you should tell your children about the Great Old Ones who will someday return to devour them and when you should tell them that this spooky writer from 100 years ago was a big racist. Howard Lovecraft will be released this fall, so hopefully the debate will be settled by then.


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