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Ron Paul is using Darth Vader's theme song now

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Whereas most presidential candidates opt for conventional, optimistic pop music to soundtrack their campaigns, the crazy handmade political ’zine come to life that is Ron Paul is neither conventional nor particularly optimistic, which is why he’s gone a different route. As NPR reports, he entered last night’s New Hampshire second-place victory party to the strains of “The Imperial March”—otherwise known as Darth Vader’s jam—as a wink to his perceived ominous threat to politics as usual. “I sort of have to chuckle when they describe you and me as being 'dangerous,’” Paul said while John Williams’ ode to the Dark Side thundered behind him. “That’s one thing they are telling the truth, because we are dangerous—to the status quo!” Indeed, what better music to represent a scrappy rebellion challenging a vast, inequitable system than the Evil Empire’s theme song? As NPR alludes to by comparing his political chances to “hitting a two-meter target from an X-Wing fighter,” Paul sort of has the whole Star Wars thing backwards (especially considering he already has the Wookiee vote). But hey, with the Darth Vader associations, at least Ron Paul has shown he really is cool with black people.


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