Battlestar Galactica producer Ron Moore has obviously been missing his old friends while rambling around his house, dictating orders to his robot butler, and longing for what might have been while staring out the window, a single tear forming in his eye. Moore’s new NBC pilot, the supposed “Harry Potter for adults” cop drama 17th Precinct, is reaching the final stages of casting, and while he’s opened up the gates to new faces like Stockard Channing (as a brilliant detective), Eamonn Walker (as the chief), and Matt Long (as the smooth-faced pretty boy, because that’s what Matt Long DOES), he’s also brought in seemingly every Battlestar alum looking for a job. Jamie Bamber got on board first, and he was joined by James Callis last week. And now Tricia Helfer has come on board. “Helfer will play Morgana, a necromancer, the magical equivalent of a coroner, who is an expert at manipulating the potions, tools, herbs and spells of her trade,” says Deadline. Like everything else we’ve heard about 17th Precinct, that will either be absolutely terrific and a unique reworking of fantasy tropes or just the worst. Really no middle ground here. And if the show is a success, can it be long before Moore brings in every other Battlestar alum he can get his hands on? Should we expect to see Edward James Olmos as a magical admiral, Tahmoh Penikett as a magical tall man, and Donnelly Rhodes as a magical doctor? We can only hope!