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Ron Livingston to play an alcoholic asshole in new Peter Farrelly comedy

(Photo: Getty Images/FilmMagic, Paul Archuleta)

Ron Livingston tends to play regular dudes who come across as fairly likable due to the simple fact that they’re Ron Livingston, whether it’s in Office Space or the many things he’s done that aren’t Office Space, but Peter Farrelly knows there’s another side to him that even Livingston himself probably isn’t aware of. According to Deadline, Farrelly is getting Livingston to tap into this dark side for Loudermilk, a new comedy series for AT&T’s Audience Network that’s co-created by Farrelly and former Colbert Report writer Bobby Mort.

Livingston will play Dave Loudermilk, who is described as “a recovering alcoholic and substance abuse counselor with an extremely bad attitude.” That’s a straightforward setup, but the Deadline story underlines it even more by adding what sounds like a good tagline for the show: “To Dave, a stranger is just an enemy he hasn’t met yet.” And then Deadline throws in another one for good measure: “Although he’s got his drinking under control, his life is one step forward, 12 steps back.” Here’s one that we just made up: “Dave’s name may be Loudermilk, but all he wants is louder whiskey.” Or how about: “Dave would apologize for being an asshole, but he’s not on the ‘make amends’ step yet.” Even better: “His name is Dave Loudermilk, and he doesn’t give a fuck about your sobriety.” (Feel free to use those on a poster or something, Audience Network.)


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