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Ron Howard narrates an excellent mash-up of Star Wars and Arrested Development

Ron Howard’s Solo: A Star Wars Story will be in theaters this month, which means Disney and Lucasfilm have Howard on the hook to do a whole bunch of promotional work for the film. Thankfully, that’s good news for fans of both Star Wars and Howard’s most iconic TV role (aside from his other two TV roles that are more iconic), because it has given us an excellent mash-up of Star Wars and Arrested Development.

The clip, which comes from this week’s episode of YouTube series The Star Wars Show, features Howard reprising his performance as the Arrested Development narrator, but this time he’s describing the adventures of the Skywalker family instead of the Bluth family. It has some fun nods to running jokes from Arrested Development, primarily the gag where someone says something and then the narrator reveals that it’s not true, and it ends on a perfect Arrested Development joke/life lesson that should be pretty obvious to anyone who is a fan of it and Star Wars.


In a fun bit of cross-promotion, this video comes just a day after Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz began sharing some new details on that show’s upcoming return. Everybody’s got new content for us to enjoy!

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