Sensing that the obvious forgery of this photo had only pushed Arrested Development reunion skeptics further through the looking glass, Ron Howard has entered the "recently uncovered confidential document" stage of his web of lies, tweeting the above photo of what purports to be an actual script for the first episode of the fourth season. As you can see, it's titled "Michael," an obvious stab at credibility by naming it after a character from Arrested Development, which is meant to make you overlook the fact that the "script" is only a single image on an iPad, with Howard and Co. not even bothering to go through the motions of printing their ruse on actual paper. "Very very funny. Lots of lines for the narrator too!" Howard wrote, the equivalent of taunting a hungry dog by pretending like they're hiding a big, juicy steak behind their back. Of course, you couldn't actually see Howard's tweet for yourself, since no sooner did he post it than Twitter went down—a "coincidence" only for the very naïve.