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As your cynicism and stunted emotions have made it impossible for you to accept that, at its heart, Dexter is a show about love—specifically, the love between a serial killer and his adoptive sister—the series must go on providing the tawdry violence and "plot" that is the gratuitous gilding around an otherwise beautiful romance, in the hope that one day you too might realize you're in fucking love with the idea of Deb being in fucking love with the idea of fucking her fucking brother, no fuckery. So TV Line reports that it's recruited someone with a working familiarity with incest, former Rome player Ray Stevenson, as the first to take on the obligatory major recurring role in Dexter's seventh season.


While obviously it cannot be confirmed as yet whether Stevenson will kill or be killed or, more likely, both, the Punisher: War Zone star will definitely do at least one of those things when he appears on the wrong side of vigilantism as a "high-ranking member of an Eastern European crime ring who arrives in Miami determined to learn who killed one of his associates"—an already exhausted B-movie trope that nevertheless offers some reassurance that at least Dexter won't have some season-long ethical quandary over whether to just off him already. Anyway, here is where we'd normally make our own obligatory joke about Stevenson "getting too close" to Dexter, but something tells us there simply isn't room to squeeze in anymore now that Deb is there.

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