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Roman Polanski will film his next movie in Poland if they don’t extradite him to the U.S.

For a director, choosing where to film a movie is a crucial step in the process. Do the rolling green hills of New Zealand look enough like Middle Earth for the Lord Of The Rings movies? Does that Chinese hotel look enough like America for Transformers? For Roman Polanski, though, the question is: Will this country extradite me to the United States for committing statutory rape in 1977?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, that’s the question Polanski is asking the government of Poland as he considers filming his next movie there. As we reported back in 2012, the movie will be about a French military officer falsely accused of espionage. It’s tentatively titled The Dreyfus Affair and is based on Robert Harris’ An Officer And A Spy.

Polanski’s lawyers reportedly told the Polish Film Institute that, if the country wants his “$40 million project and its cast of top British and Hollywood actors, his security…must be guaranteed.” Despite that blatant threat, Poland is apparently still interested and hasn’t told Polanski to take a hike, but that could be because this is all an elaborate sting operation and the country is just going to ship him back to the U.S. when it gets a chance. We could always make up for it by filming the next Iron Man movie in Poland or something.

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