Development continues on Roland Emmerich’s planned Stargate remake, with the producer and director tapping writers Nicolas Wright and James A. Woods to pen a new version of his 1994 film. The rebooted Stargate is planned to be the first in a new trilogy, which will presumably see whatever actors are the 21st-century versions of James Spader and Kurt Russell gallivanting across the universe via the titular portal, blowing up gods and pretending 20 years of various Stargate TV spinoffs never existed.

Wright and Woods previously gained prominence after their draft of Independence Day 2 was greenlit by Fox, thus rocketing them into Hollywood’s lucrative “sequels that nobody but Roland Emmerich thinks we need” screenwriting niche. The duo is now faced with the unenviable task of finding new, interesting ground to cover in the Stargate universe, a narrative playground that’s already been explored in more than 300 episodes of TV, dozens of books, and one pretty decent Kurt Russell movie.