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Between prepping his movie about the Stonewall Riots and readying his awkwardly titled two-part sequel to Independence Day, Roland Emmerich seems to have his hands full. But yesterday, Emmerich announced that he’s adding another project to his to-do list: a remake of Stargate, despite the fact that it is barely 20 years old and totally fine as-is.


Produced by Emmerich’s pal and frequent screenwriter Dean Devlin, the film will be the first part in a trilogy based on the duo’s 1994 surprise hit, which spawned four TV series and a whole lot of weird YouTube tribute videos based around Jaye Davidson’s memorably strange villain.

It’s unclear when Emmerich will begin shooting the film, considering that he’s got three features in varying stages of pre-production. For now, viewers will have to make do with remembering that they haven’t watched Stargate in years. C’mon, it’s a lot of fun. It’s got some neat production design, James Spader, and one of those post-John-Williams ’90s scores. It’s Stargate.

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