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Roland Emmerich has a great idea for how to save $200 million or so: just make Cloverfield again

Like so many filmmakers these days, director Roland Emmerich remains convinced that the world is going to be crushed one landmark at a time by an invading alien force.  No doubt his nightly, fitful sleep is nothing but visions of flying saucers vaporizing skyscrapers and monsters crushing ancient cathedrals, all narrated in scary German. Normally he combats these terrifying visions by bringing them to life with budgets that outweigh the GDP of most Central American nations, but for his next diorama-stomping, The Zone, the typically money-hemorrhaging Emmerich is going the relatively low-budget route, planning to use only $5 million and the very au courant “found footage” technique as he explores the inevitable alien invasion through the eyes of a small cast of relative unknowns who accidentally capture the whole thing on camera. So, it’s Cloverfield, basically, but minus Lizzy Caplan and with Roland "Welcome to Earf!" Emmerich overseeing the mostly improvised dialogue.


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